Monthly Archives: October 2017


0:40 We’re in love with Ben Simmons

4:10 How jerseys have changed over time

11:23 Why Tiger Woods will and won’t win another Major

15:15 Heisman talk and picks

21:19 Gordon Hayward’s impact on the Eastern Conference playoff picture

25:00 Melo revitalizing his career in OKC

29:06 Lamarcus Aldridge and the Spurs

31:30 NBA’s bad parenting with Steph Curry

34:30 Top 5 current players in the NBA

36:45 World Series

38:00 Tom Brady being effective at 40

40:40 Fantasy basketball

46:00 Best fit for Eric Bledsoe

49:50 Ranking QB’s drafted in the last 4 drafts

53:00 Allen Iverson’s stardom and his brief football career

54:30 Irving and LeBron’s relationship

55:30 McGregor’s next fight

58:00 Why Garrett loves LaVar Ball

59:25 Colin’s shoutout to Clayton Kershaw

“On to the Next One” with Daniel Frantz

2:02 Daniel’s “10 Rapid Fire Questions”

3:30 If you could punch any athlete in the face, who would it be and why?

6:15 Will we ever see another golfer like Tiger Woods?

9:20 Daniel’s pick for the NBA Championship

10:30 Warriors- Rockets opening night game

13:10 Gordon Hayward’s injury and the ripple effects it has on the NBA

17:50 Giannis’ impressive start to the season

19:00 Kyrie Irving now the man in Boston

19:40 How Jeremy Lin’s injury has huge implications on the NBA landscape

21:50 76ers opening night game

25:00 How does Gordon Hayward’s injury affect the Eastern Conference standings

28:00 Pelicans opening night game

29:34 How the NBA Lottery’s changes affect teams tanking

33:33 Cubs and Dodgers

35:23 Daniel tells us his World Series prediction

37:18 How NFL injuries have affected the ratings thus far this season

40:15 Colin Kaepernick

47:36 Who is the best golfer in the world?

54:41 Daniel’s shout out of the week

55:50 Colin’s shoutout of the week

NBA Opening Week, Brady or Hunt for MVP, “Playoff Puig”, and more!

0:53 Opening night: Celtics at Cavs
11:00 Opening night: Rockets at Warriors
12:42 Favorite game of opening week
14:44 Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs
15:15 Why the Lakers will be the 8 seed in the playoffs
19:12 Western Conference Playoffs seeding predictions
27:30 Eastern Conference Playoff seeding predictions
30:00 NBA Playoffs after eliminating West/East conferences
30:51 Aaron Rodgers missing the rest of the NFL season
32:46 Tony Romo – a wizard behind the booth
34:05 Deshaun Watson’s incredible Rookie season
37:22 Patriot’s historically bad defense under Belichick
38:37 Tom Brady for MVP
40:10 Kareem Hunt for MVP and ROY
42:42 Vintage Adrian Peterson on the Cardinals
46:36 MNF Predictions
48:14 Who is coming out of the AL to the World Series?
50:34 Who is coming out of the NL to the World Series
51:57 “Playoff Puig”
52:34 USMNT not making the 2018 World Cup
55:11 Lionel Messi as Colin’s Shout Out
55:50 Peyton Manning as Garrett’s Shout Out
57:07 “50 Questions in 50 Minutes” on October 30th

NBA Off-Season Review and Predictions

2:57 KD and Danny Ainge dominating offseason
3:40 Timberwolves A+ offseason grade
7:00 OKC beating Golden State
15:20 Trailblazers F offseason grade
19:05 Cavs A+ offseason grade
24:30 Cavs adding Marc Gasol?
29:00 Lakers in the playoffs and Lonzo ROY
30:30 Best/Worst offseason moves
38:00 Colin’s NBA Finals prediction
39:44 Garrett’s NBA Finals prediction
41:41 Westbrook back-to-back MVP?
42:20 Lebron James for MVP?
46:25 D-Rose for Most Improved?
47:18 Blake Griffin for Most Improved?
49:00 Draymond back-to-back for DPOY
50:00 D-Wade most efficient season yet