NBA Off-Season Review and Predictions

2:57 KD and Danny Ainge dominating offseason
3:40 Timberwolves A+ offseason grade
7:00 OKC beating Golden State
15:20 Trailblazers F offseason grade
19:05 Cavs A+ offseason grade
24:30 Cavs adding Marc Gasol?
29:00 Lakers in the playoffs and Lonzo ROY
30:30 Best/Worst offseason moves
38:00 Colin’s NBA Finals prediction
39:44 Garrett’s NBA Finals prediction
41:41 Westbrook back-to-back MVP?
42:20 Lebron James for MVP?
46:25 D-Rose for Most Improved?
47:18 Blake Griffin for Most Improved?
49:00 Draymond back-to-back for DPOY
50:00 D-Wade most efficient season yet

2 thoughts on “NBA Off-Season Review and Predictions

  1. Impressive boys….you guys know your stuff. It’s fun to hear you guys talk to each other. I imagine this is exactly what you sound like even without an audience. Keep it up!

  2. With how things are playing out thus far, how do you think Bryce Love’s chances at winning the Heisman compare to Saquon Barkley’s?

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