“On to the Next One” with Daniel Frantz

2:02 Daniel’s “10 Rapid Fire Questions”

3:30 If you could punch any athlete in the face, who would it be and why?

6:15 Will we ever see another golfer like Tiger Woods?

9:20 Daniel’s pick for the NBA Championship

10:30 Warriors- Rockets opening night game

13:10 Gordon Hayward’s injury and the ripple effects it has on the NBA

17:50 Giannis’ impressive start to the season

19:00 Kyrie Irving now the man in Boston

19:40 How Jeremy Lin’s injury has huge implications on the NBA landscape

21:50 76ers opening night game

25:00 How does Gordon Hayward’s injury affect the Eastern Conference standings

28:00 Pelicans opening night game

29:34 How the NBA Lottery’s changes affect teams tanking

33:33 Cubs and Dodgers

35:23 Daniel tells us his World Series prediction

37:18 How NFL injuries have affected the ratings thus far this season

40:15 Colin Kaepernick

47:36 Who is the best golfer in the world?

54:41 Daniel’s shout out of the week

55:50 Colin’s shoutout of the week

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