LeBronzo, Young Success in the NBA, NFL Lines

0:55 What’s to blame for Lonzo Ball’s struggles

11:00 Is Lebron going to the Lakers?

14:52 Why Jayson Tatum has been so impressive

18:53 Ben Simmons being a top player RIGHT NOW

24:50 Other rookies that have impressed us

28:15 School Yard Pick ‘Em for players 24 and younger

32:45 Surprises in the NBA one month into the season

43:30 NFL betting 3 locks this week

46:50 Fake over/ under predictions

50:25 Colin’s 3 games to watch this week

52:15 Garrett’s 3 games to watch this week

53:11 Colin’s shoutout of the week

55:01 Garrett’s shoutout of the week

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