WTBS’s Thanksgiving Special

1:50 Vikings vs Lions prediction

3:00 Chargers vs. Cowboys prediction

5:14 Giants vs. Redskins

6:38 Big 3 of Thanksgiving Day food

7:25 Non-traditional foods eaten on Thanksgiving

8:30 6th man of Thanksgiving food

9:30 Who is napping after the Thanksgiving meal?

10:20 Colin tells the audience his funniest Thanksgiving Day story

13:00 Family traditions

15:40 What we are drinking this Thanksgiving

17:00 NBA Thanksgiving Day characters

21:00 When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music?

22:20 3 things to listen to while traveling during the holidays

23:38 Must watch movies for December

24:38 December Madness: Christmas Movie Bracket Challenge

28:54 Three things Garrett is thankful for

29:30 Three things Colin is thankful for

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