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NBA Mid-Season Recap and All-Star School Yard Pick ‘Em

2:00 Will Gordon Hayward return for the playoffs?
7:55 Victor Oladipo is now an All Star
11:45 76ers and what the heck is going on with Markelle Fultz
17:50 General thoughts on the 2017 rookie class
27:45 Who is to blame in Cleveland?
41:00 Clippers talk
46:00 Who needs to change…referees or players?
49:20 All Star talk and school yard pick ‘em

NFL Playoffs Emergency Podcast

Colin and Garrett with their first emergency podcast to discuss the AFC Championship game (0:52), the NFC Championship game (15:42), and early Super Bowl anticipations (30:10)

NFL Playoffs with Austin Clark

0:45 How we all met at Hume Lake
2:05 Austin Clark Speaks
4:15 Austin’s experiences that led to him speaking
6:30 Austin’s 3 favorite moments as a Hornet
8:15 How living in Northern California has impacted Austin’s present
9:50 West Valley’s impact on Austin
11:20 Austin’s testimony
14:00 3 things the church has given to Austin
17:40 What position would Austin play if he could go back in time
18:50 Austin’s favorite story from the Bible
19:30 What to expect in Austin’s final season at Sac state
21:00 Recap Falcons-Eagles
25:00 Recap Titans-Patriots
30:25 Recap Jags-Steelers
36:55 Miracle in Minnesota
40:30 AFC Championship game Predictions
45:30 NFC Championship game Predictions
50:30 Colin’s shoutout of the week
52:10 Garrett’s shoutout of the week
53:00 Austin’s shoutout of the week
Austin Clark Speaks:
Instagram: @austinclark_10
Twitter: @AustinClark_10

BONUS EPISODE: Who Will Get the Final Rose?

Colin Igarta brings on his old college roommates, Ryan Raasch and Cody Ryska, for a bonus episode to talk about one of the most competitive shows on TV – The Bachelor.

Check out these three super-fans talk about The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr.; the 29 women; and, who they believe will receive the Final Rose.

NFL Playoffs, ESPN vs. Patriots, CFB Championship

0:50 Recapping Wild Card Weekend
17:00 Falcons-Eagles prediction
21:00 Titans-Patriots
23:52 Jaguars-Steelers
27:20 Saints-Vikings
31:20 Dissecting ESPN’s Patriots article
46:45 National Championship talk
53:00 Colin’s shoutout of the week
49:55 Garrett’s shoutout of the week

WTBS: The Podcast’s Football Friday Special

1:06 Titans vs. Chiefs

4:21 Gruden joining the Raiders

7:20 Falcons vs. Rams

11:40 Bills vs. Jaguars

16:50 Panthers vs. Saints

24:00 Coach of the Year

27:10 Gurley is the NFL MVP

29:06 National Champion prediction

34:50 Eight-team playoff scenario 

40:15 Isaiah Thomas is back 

NBA Christmas Day Review, City Edition Uniforms, Re-Doing the NBA Draft

2:30 Thunder finally turning the corner
9:15 Chris Paul and his new role with the Houston Rockets
16:40 What’s causing the Celtics to slip?
21:20 What are the ceilings of these “unicorns”?
29:50 Are the 76ers a stat team?
31:50 Lakers and T-Wolves talk
40:00 Warriors-Cavs
44:05 Why don’t we see more pass-first point guards in the NBA?
49:44 City edition uniforms
53:24 3 players that need to be traded right now
60:30 Re-doing the top 10 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft
66:55 Garrett’s shoutout: Carson Wentz
68:00 Colin’s shoutout: Trae Young