NBA Christmas Day Review, City Edition Uniforms, Re-Doing the NBA Draft

2:30 Thunder finally turning the corner
9:15 Chris Paul and his new role with the Houston Rockets
16:40 What’s causing the Celtics to slip?
21:20 What are the ceilings of these “unicorns”?
29:50 Are the 76ers a stat team?
31:50 Lakers and T-Wolves talk
40:00 Warriors-Cavs
44:05 Why don’t we see more pass-first point guards in the NBA?
49:44 City edition uniforms
53:24 3 players that need to be traded right now
60:30 Re-doing the top 10 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft
66:55 Garrett’s shoutout: Carson Wentz
68:00 Colin’s shoutout: Trae Young

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