Monthly Archives: May 2018

NBA Conference Finals, ESPN World Fame 100, UEFA Champions League Final, French Open

0:00 Wild Wild Western Conference Finals
17:30 Is Game 5 a must win for Boston?
34:28 ESPN World Fame 100
40:18 UEFA Champions League Final preview
44:26 Can Nadal get #11 on clay?
50:30 Shoutouts of the week

NBA Conference Finals, NBA Draft Lottery, Sports Betting is Legal, and All Other Sports with Danny Vietti

Co-Host Colin Igarta is joined by Danny Vietti to talk about the Cavs uphill climb (2:30), the Warriors-Rockets series (25:50), the NBA Draft Lottery (36:37), what it means now that sports betting is legal (53:26), MLB first 40-game recap (59:21), and updates on Tiger, The French Open, and soccer (1:10:38).

NBA Semifinals Are Over, LeBron GOAT?, Ichiro, and The Machine

1:27 Donovan Mitchell is incredible
15:40 How did we all forget the Warriors were this good?
26:00 Cleveland is now the clear cut favorite
38:47 Where does Philly go from here?
50:00 Shoutouts of the week

NFL Draft Review, NBA Playoffs Semi-Finals, and Soccer Update with Brock Barr

1:25 Brock tells the audience how he got into long snapping for Boise State
4:50 Brock talks about the smurf turf and everything Boise State
10:00 Hammer Award and the feeling of winning the Las Vegas Bowl
12:00 When did Brock know he had a shot at the NFL and how Boise State’s pro day went
19:50 Breaking down the NFL Draft with Brock
36:33 76ers are in serious trouble against Philly
49:15 Do the Pelicans have a shot to beat Golden State?
56:00  Pull your brooms out in the Houston series
87:30 Shout outs of the week
90:20 We break down game 1 between the Cavs and Raptors