Monthly Archives: August 2018

NFL NFC Predictions, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the NBA Christmas Games

1:34 NFC East Predictions

16:41 NFC West Predictions

30:59 NFC North Predictions

37:31 NFC South Predictions

44:56 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018

51:05 ESPN Kevin Pelton’s Prediction for the Lakers

56:25 Opening Day NBA Games and Christmas Day Games

I Promise School, NFL Training Camp, and Urban Meyer

0:00 Tiger Woods is back (kinda)
9:56 Lebron’s Greatest achievement (Colin’s shoutout)
17:32 NFL training camp storylines
35:30 Johnny Football returns
37:43 NBA off season wrap up talking Kawhi, Capela, And why Colin think Melo will have a better season with HOU
63:12 Urban Meyer will be fired within a week
66:14 Garrett’s shoutout of the week- Michael Phelps