About Us

Ever since Garrett and Colin were in Kindergarten, they were debating sports. Back then it was just Lakers or Kings. Now, they’re here to take their years of passion for sports debate to “We Talkin’ ‘Bout Sports: The Podcast”.

How’d this show get started? Well, as Colin began to pack up his things and move down to the Los Angeles area, he started reading his middle school yearbook. A whole page is taken up of Garrett trying to prove he is the better sports analyst. The last sentence on that tangent reads, “Some day, we will have our own sports show.” Starting a podcast has been something they have been talking about for years, but that little reminder is what made this dream a reality.

Garrett and Colin are stoked to have you join the WTBS Movement. Be on the look out for Q&A’s, show guests, and more awesome content coming soon!