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0:40 We’re in love with Ben Simmons

4:10 How jerseys have changed over time

11:23 Why Tiger Woods will and won’t win another Major

15:15 Heisman talk and picks

21:19 Gordon Hayward’s impact on the Eastern Conference playoff picture

25:00 Melo revitalizing his career in OKC

29:06 Lamarcus Aldridge and the Spurs

31:30 NBA’s bad parenting with Steph Curry

34:30 Top 5 current players in the NBA

36:45 World Series

38:00 Tom Brady being effective at 40

40:40 Fantasy basketball

46:00 Best fit for Eric Bledsoe

49:50 Ranking QB’s drafted in the last 4 drafts

53:00 Allen Iverson’s stardom and his brief football career

54:30 Irving and LeBron’s relationship

55:30 McGregor’s next fight

58:00 Why Garrett loves LaVar Ball

59:25 Colin’s shoutout to Clayton Kershaw