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NBA Free Agency, NBA Summer League, and the FIFA Semi-Finals

This week on WTBS: The Podcast, Colin and Garrett discuss the crazy NBA Free Agency, who they are interested to watch in the NBA Summer League, and why you should bet on France to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The Never-Ending NBA Offseason and the FIFA World Cup

0:00 Breaking down the NBA draft
36:25 Where will Lebron land plus the latest on Kawhi Leonard
47:42 Dwight Howard’s legacy
54:20 Colin breaks down each group of the World Cup
70:32 Why WOJ pissed Garrett off during the draft

LeBron’s Broken Hand, LeBron’s Free Agency, and Other Sports Stuff

Colin is joined this week by Danny Vietti, as they talk how the NBA Finals ended, who LeBron James is going to play for next season, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the US Open.

What Was JR Thinking, and Is the Cavs’ Season Over?

Colin and Garrett recap Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals, and try to figure out what the Cavaliers can do differently to win a game and still win the series.

NBA Conference Finals, ESPN World Fame 100, UEFA Champions League Final, French Open

0:00 Wild Wild Western Conference Finals
17:30 Is Game 5 a must win for Boston?
34:28 ESPN World Fame 100
40:18 UEFA Champions League Final preview
44:26 Can Nadal get #11 on clay?
50:30 Shoutouts of the week

NBA Conference Finals, NBA Draft Lottery, Sports Betting is Legal, and All Other Sports with Danny Vietti

Co-Host Colin Igarta is joined by Danny Vietti to talk about the Cavs uphill climb (2:30), the Warriors-Rockets series (25:50), the NBA Draft Lottery (36:37), what it means now that sports betting is legal (53:26), MLB first 40-game recap (59:21), and updates on Tiger, The French Open, and soccer (1:10:38).

NBA Semifinals Are Over, LeBron GOAT?, Ichiro, and The Machine

1:27 Donovan Mitchell is incredible
15:40 How did we all forget the Warriors were this good?
26:00 Cleveland is now the clear cut favorite
38:47 Where does Philly go from here?
50:00 Shoutouts of the week

NFL Draft Review, NBA Playoffs Semi-Finals, and Soccer Update with Brock Barr

1:25 Brock tells the audience how he got into long snapping for Boise State
4:50 Brock talks about the smurf turf and everything Boise State
10:00 Hammer Award and the feeling of winning the Las Vegas Bowl
12:00 When did Brock know he had a shot at the NFL and how Boise State’s pro day went
19:50 Breaking down the NFL Draft with Brock
36:33 76ers are in serious trouble against Philly
49:15 Do the Pelicans have a shot to beat Golden State?
56:00  Pull your brooms out in the Houston series
87:30 Shout outs of the week
90:20 We break down game 1 between the Cavs and Raptors

2018 NFL Draft Top 10 Mock Draft, NBA Playoffs in Full Effect, and the Red Sox are Insane!

In this episode of WTBS: The Podcast, Colin and Garrett give you their Top 10 picks for the upcoming NFL Draft on Thursday (0:55).  Then, they dive in to the NBA Playoffs discussing these 2-2 series in the East, why the Warriors should’ve swept, and what’s the next move for the Portland Trailblazers (34:16).  To wrap it up, Colin gives his Shout Out of the Week to the incredible start to the Red Sox season (1:12:33).