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NBA Christmas Day Review, City Edition Uniforms, Re-Doing the NBA Draft

2:30 Thunder finally turning the corner
9:15 Chris Paul and his new role with the Houston Rockets
16:40 What’s causing the Celtics to slip?
21:20 What are the ceilings of these “unicorns”?
29:50 Are the 76ers a stat team?
31:50 Lakers and T-Wolves talk
40:00 Warriors-Cavs
44:05 Why don’t we see more pass-first point guards in the NBA?
49:44 City edition uniforms
53:24 3 players that need to be traded right now
60:30 Re-doing the top 10 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft
66:55 Garrett’s shoutout: Carson Wentz
68:00 Colin’s shoutout: Trae Young

WTBS: The Podcast’s Christmas Special

2:35 Garrett’s Christmas traditions
3:40 Colin’s Christmas traditions
6:25 Garrett and Colin talk about their 3 favorite Christmas drinks
9:15 Colin and Garrett talk about the Christmas movies they have seen thus far
10:33 9 best basketball reindeer all time
29:14 Champion expectations for 2018 Super Bowl
29:42 Winter Olympics Men’s half pipe
30:06 March Madness
30:50 The Masters
31:50 Champions League
32:50 World Cup
33:11 NBA Champions
34:30 World Series
35:00 Garrett’s 3 Christmas wishes in the sports world
35:45 Colin’s 3 Christmas wishes in the sports world
37:55 Christmas Day NBA games

Kobe Bryant’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony, Week 16 NFL Playoff Picture, and Colin’s Gratitude for the Index Card

1:30 WTB Network Preview
7:30 AFC Playoff picture- Who’s in and who’s out?
21:37 NFC Playoff picture- Who’s in and who’s out?
35:00 Colin’s 3 lines of the week
36:30 Garrett’s 3 lines of the week
37:40 Rest and minutes played in the NBA
41:26 Kawhi Leonard is back
44:20 Toronto Raptors have the 5th most wins in the NBA
46:20 Will the 76ers make the playoffs?
48:37 Kobe Bryant’s retirement ceremony and Garrett’s shout out of the week
52:20 Colin’s shout out of the week

College Football Bowl Special

Celebration Bowl- 1:40
New Orleans Bowl – 3:35
Cure Bowl- 4:25
Las Vegas Bowl- 5:32
New Mexico Bowl- 7:04
Camellia Bowl- 8:13
Boca Raton Bowl- 8:50
Frisco Bowl- 9:23
Gasparilla Bowl- 10:13
Bahamas Bowl- 11:10
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl- 12:15
Birmingham Bowl- 13:15
Armed Forces Bowl- 13:53
Dollar General Bowl- 15:23
Hawaii Bowl- 16:00
Heart of Dallas Bowl- 16:51
Quick Lane Bowl- 17:48
Cactus Bowl- ​18:41
Independence bowl- 19:52
Pinstripe bowl- 20:16
Texas Bowl 21:00
Foster Farms bowl- 21:38
Military Bowl- 22:10
Camping World Bowl- 22:40
Alamo Bowl- 23:20
Holiday Bowl- 23:58
Belk Bowl- 24:50
Sun Bowl- 25:30
Music City Bowl- 26:23
Arizona Bowl- 26:57
Cotton Bowl- 27:40
TaxSlayer Bowl- 29:40
Liberty Bowl- 30:16
Fiesta Bowl- 30:57
Orange Bowl- 32:00
Outback Bowl- 34:30
Peach Bowl- 35:30
Citrus Bowl- 36:58
Rose Bowl- 37:42
Sugar Bowl- 38:41
National Championship 40:03

Tiger Is Back, NFL Playoffs, .500 NBA Teams, MLS Cup Finals, and FIFA World Cup 2018

0:25 Tiger Woods Hero World Challenge Recap
8:11 AFC playoff picture
18:40 NFC playoff picture
29:40 Eli Manning and the dysfunctional New York Giants
35:05 Garrett’s 3 NFL locks of the week
37:30 Colin’s 3 NFL locks of the week
39:33 CFB Playoff Preview
41 Eastern Conference Playoff Check-in
46:10 Western Conference Playoff Check-in
50:03 MLS Cup Final preview
55:50 2018 World Cup Group-by-Group Preview
67:53 Diego Valeri is Colin’s Shout Out
68:35 Eli Manning is Garrett’s Shout Out

Top NBA Point Guards, Struggles in the West, and the College Football Playoff

2:09 Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA
16:08 Derrick Rose update
21:34 What’s going on with the Oklahoma City Thunder?
24:50 What do the Clippers do now?
26:20 Memphis Grizzlies and the horrible firing of coach David Fizdale
30:03 NFL locks
33:42 College Football Playoff update and predictions
36:16 CFB Conference game picks
42:55 Chip Kelly going to UCLA
45:15 Garrett’s shoutout of the week- Josh Gordon
47:13 Colin’s shoutout of the week- Tiger Woods

WTBS’s Thanksgiving Special

1:50 Vikings vs Lions prediction

3:00 Chargers vs. Cowboys prediction

5:14 Giants vs. Redskins

6:38 Big 3 of Thanksgiving Day food

7:25 Non-traditional foods eaten on Thanksgiving

8:30 6th man of Thanksgiving food

9:30 Who is napping after the Thanksgiving meal?

10:20 Colin tells the audience his funniest Thanksgiving Day story

13:00 Family traditions

15:40 What we are drinking this Thanksgiving

17:00 NBA Thanksgiving Day characters

21:00 When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music?

22:20 3 things to listen to while traveling during the holidays

23:38 Must watch movies for December

24:38 December Madness: Christmas Movie Bracket Challenge

28:54 Three things Garrett is thankful for

29:30 Three things Colin is thankful for

LeBronzo, Young Success in the NBA, NFL Lines

0:55 What’s to blame for Lonzo Ball’s struggles

11:00 Is Lebron going to the Lakers?

14:52 Why Jayson Tatum has been so impressive

18:53 Ben Simmons being a top player RIGHT NOW

24:50 Other rookies that have impressed us

28:15 School Yard Pick ‘Em for players 24 and younger

32:45 Surprises in the NBA one month into the season

43:30 NFL betting 3 locks this week

46:50 Fake over/ under predictions

50:25 Colin’s 3 games to watch this week

52:15 Garrett’s 3 games to watch this week

53:11 Colin’s shoutout of the week

55:01 Garrett’s shoutout of the week

ESPN’s Downfall, NFL Controversies, College Football Playoff, NBA Evolution, and Prayers for Red Bluff

0:27 The downfall of ESPN
19:53 Why Thursday Night Football needs to go
23:51 Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell
27:41 Future of the NFL
30:30 College Football Playoff update
40:01 NBA in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s compared to today
49:28 Three upcoming games Colin is excited about this week
51:50 Three upcoming games Garrett is excited about this week
54:30 Colin’s shoutout of the week
55:25 Garrett’s shoutout of the week